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Leak Rupture Boundary Calculator & Training Manual

SKU: OTD-13/0002 - OTD-13/0004
Leak Rupture Boundary Calculator and Training Manual, and Final Report
OTD Project Number: 4.9.a
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Final Report and Training Manual
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Operations Technology Development (OTD)
Final Report p136; Training Manual p35
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The final report and training manual are provided as PDF files.
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The Leak-Rupture Boundary (LRB) Calculator and Training Manual provide a tool that allows operators to determine the leak-rupture boundary for a pipe segment based on properties such as the diameter, toughness, and yield strength. Operators can use the calculator for risk modeling and consequence analysis. This tool includes a closed-form solution that allows the calculation of the LRB as a percentage of SMYS with a confidence that 97.5% of pipelines with the selected attributes of yield strength, toughness, diameter, and wall thickness would fail by leak instead of rupture. A user-friendly calculator was created to allow operators to perform analysis for specific pipe segments.
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