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Leak Rupture Boundary Calculator & Training Manual

SKU: OTD-13/0002 - OTD-13/0004a
Leak Rupture Boundary Calculator and Training Manual, and Final Report
OTD Project Number: 4.9.a
Free Preview of report OTD-13/0004 (pdf 101 KB)
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Final Report and Training Manual
Corporate Source
Operations Technology Development (OTD)
Final Report p136; Training Manual p35
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The final report and training manual are provided as PDF files. A .CDF file is also supplied to install the calculator software.
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The Leak-Rupture Boundary (LRB) Calculator and Training Manual provide a tool that allows operators to determine the leak-rupture boundary for a pipe segment based on properties such as the diameter, toughness, and yield strength. Operators can use the calculator for risk modeling and consequence analysis. This tool includes a closed-form solution that allows the calculation of the LRB as a percentage of SMYS with a confidence that 97.5% of pipelines with the selected attributes of yield strength, toughness, diameter, and wall thickness would fail by leak instead of rupture. A user-friendly calculator was created to allow operators to perform analysis for specific pipe segments. This product contains the Final Report pdf, Training Manual pdf and the .CDF file to install the calculator after downloading the Wolfram CDF Player.
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