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A Guide to Determing Coalbed Gas Content

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A Guide to Determing Coalbed Gas Content

This guide presents methods for quantifying the amount and type of gas present in coalbeds from measurements on recovered coal samples.
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The guide focuses on concepts and procedures which apply to bituminous coals and other reservoirs dominated by adsorptive storage capacity rather than compressible storage in porosity. The purpose of this guide is to:
  • Present the most reliable technology for collecting and interpreting gas desorption data.
  • Provide practical methods for estimating coalbed gas content.
  • Explain the advantages and limitations of the methods.
  • Explain the advantages and limitations of the methods.
  • Provide guidelines for selecting the best method for a particular application.

Part 1 of this guide (Chapters 1-6) provides background information needed to understand the basic theories and practices for determining coalbed gas content. This information draws extensively on research conducted by the Gas Research Institute (GRI) on cooperative study wells in coal basins of the United States. Although this guide is based on studies of coalbed gas reservoirs in the United States, you can apply these concepts to any reservoir in which gas desorption is an important producing mechanism. These reservoirs include numerous coal basins worldwide as well as organic rich shales and certain volcanic tuffs.

Part 2 of this guide (Chapters 7-10) presents practical guidelines and procedures for planning and conducting a desorption testing program. This information will help you in collecting coal samples and measuring desorption data. Some of the procedures described are applications or modifications of conventional gas reservoir techniques that you may already use. Other methods and procedures have been developed specifically for coalbed gas reservoirs.

Part 3 of this guide (Chapter 11) explains how to use the Desorption Data Analysis Software to interpret desorption data and estimate the total gas content of coal samples.

Part 4 of this guide (Resources) contains a description of nomenclature used in equations, conversion factors, a glossary, and a list of selected references.

Whether you’re an experienced coalbed methane producer or you’re exploring this gas resource for the first time, you may find this guide useful. It can help you to more reliably evaluate the potential of coalbed gas prospects and to optimize the recovery and economics of existing coalbed gas operations. In short, the guide can help you make better informed decisions about developing this important natural gas resource.
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