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GRI-HAPCalc Version 3.01 (Upgrade)

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GRI-HAPCalc Version 3.01 (upgrade)

A Windows®-based program that estimates emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and criteria air pollutants from natural gas industry operations. GRI-HAPCalc version 3.01 is a free upgrade from version 3.0.
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What's new in GRI-HAPCalc 3.01?
GRI-HAPCalc Version 3.01 has all of the features and capabilities of its predecessor, Version3.0. In addition, HAPCalc 3.01 incorporates the following changes from Version 3.0:

  • New EPA emission factors for natural gas-fired engines and turbines from sections of AP-42, 5th Edition that were finalized after Version 3.0 was released. IMPORTANT NOTE: As part of the installation process you will replace the HAPCalc 3.0 EPA emission factors. This will result in changes in the emission estimates for any of your existing engines and turbines that are based on EPA emission factors.
  • Increased upper limits for input data including amine circulation rate, sulfur recovery unit   sulfur production rate, turbine horsepower, and storage tank throughput.
  • Correction of an error in calculating standing losses from horizontal storage tanks.
  • Correction of several minor errors in the help system, and updated GRI contact information.
  • To use GRI-HAPCalc 3.01 you must first purchase and install Version 3.0

After you have installed GRI-HAPCalc 3.0, you can install the Version 3.01 updated files.

The upgrade files are contained in a ZIP file. Save this file on your hard drive in a temporary directory. Unzip the file to extract the files. Copy these files to your HAPCalc 3.0 directory (default: C:Program FilesGRI-HAPCalc3).

The HAPCalc 3.01 update will replace the following files:

Important Notes:
If you wish to be able to duplicate emmission estimates already generated using the EPA emission factors provided in GRI-HAPCalc 3.0, you should reinstall GRI-HAPCalc 3.0 in a different folder than previously used, then copy the HAPCalc 3.01 update files to this new installation. Rename this new installation "GRI-HAPCalc 3.01".

User Support
In lieu of a printed user's manual, HAPCalc 3.01 has an extensive help system that is accessible within the program.

GRI-HAPCalc version 3.01 is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP SP3 and computers with a 32-bit CPU only. This software is NOT compatible with the Vista or Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.

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