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MemCalc: Membrane Simulation for CO2 Applications

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MemCalc: Membrane Simulation for CO2 Applications. Version 1.0
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MemCalc is a personal-computer-based program for simulating the performance of membranes for removing CO2 from natural gas and mher hydrocarbon streams. The program algorithm uses a simplified special case of the general equation for membrane performance, which is based on Fick's laws. MemCalc was developed for evaluating the usc of membranes during process screening studies and for the education of inexperienced membrane users.

MemCalc estimates hydrocarbon recovery for CO2 removal applications based on built-in commercial membrane performance characteristics. The program incorporates regressed data obtained from the GRI/IGT field test unit in Trinity County, Texas. and several membrane manufacturers.

MemCalc can be a valuable tool for process engineers and managers when evaluating the use of membranes during process screening studies. For experienced engineers, the program provides a check and comparisons of performance over a wide range of operating conditions. For the inexperienced membrane users, MemCalc offers "expert-type" advisory information regarding the use of membranes as a unit operation.

MemCalc is compatible with Windows 2000/XP SP3/Vista/7 on 32-bit machines, and is NOT compatible on 64-bit machines.

This software is sold as is. GTI offers no technical support for this software product. The MemCalc download file includes a user manual. No other documentation is available.
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