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Volume 1: Users' Guide on Squeeze-Off of Polyet...

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Volume 1: Users' Guide on Squeeze-Off of Polyethylene Gas Pipes

This volume presents the results in the form of easy-to-use guidelines. Squeeze-offs are performed on polyethylene gas pipes to stop gas flow when downstream repairs are needed. Occasionally damage is initiated and later failure occurs by a slow crack growth mechanism. To prevent this, it is necessary to know which conditions induce damage, how to identify materials susceptible to damage, what guidelines exist for good squeeze-off procedures, and which tool designs can avoid or minimize damage.
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Topical Report
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08/89 - 02/92
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Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
Gas Research Institute, Chicago, IL
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A critical challenge for shale gas development is the cost and environmental acceptance of wastewater and solid waste management solutions. This report describes the economics (i.e. envelope of vendor pricing as a function of salinity, scale, and degree of treatment plus associated direct and indirect costs) and niche application of each of these flow schemes to achieve treatment and disposal goals that are protective of human health and the environment (consistent with local, state and federal regulations). The importance of assessing the economic and strategic implications of future regulatory changes is also acknowledged in this report, which helps to ensure regulators provide opportunity for sustainable economic development of shale gas resources along with assurance that environmental impact is managed appropriately for environmental sustainability. This analysis was assisted by GTIs proprietary water-based life cycle computer model which was utilized to forecast the water output, water reuse capacity, salt generation and solid waste output from a development area using more than 30 inputs to describe its characteristics.
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