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BinMaker PRO Version 4.0 [Upgrade]

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BinMaker PRO Version 4.0 [Upgrade from previous versions of BinMaker Pro]

This product is for customers who already have purchased a previous version of BinMaker PRO and would like to upgrade to version 4.0 of the software. If you currently have the serial number for BinMaker PRO version 1.0.1 – 3.03 please purchase this upgrade at $70 per upgrade. An old serial number is required to complete the upgrade process. You will need to make the purchase online now. After your purchase, an email receipt will be sent to you with a link to download the Upgrade Form. Next, complete the form and send it back, along with the old serial number from your previous version(s) of the BinMaker PRO software. You will need one old serial number per upgrade. Once your old serial number is validated by GTI personnel, you will receive a link to download your new BinMaker PRO 4.0 and a new serial number. If you have any questions we recommend you contact us before making your purchase.
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A serial number from a previous version of the BinMaker Pro software is required to upgrade to the latest version.
$70.00 / Each
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Energy industries experience the need for more accurate energy use analysis. For instance it may be necessary to quantify the end-user advantages of natural gas cooling or justify utility investments. Addressing this need, BinMaker® PRO upgrades bin energy analysis by creating a wide range of accurate summaries of U.S. hourly weather data. The resulting electronic file can be exported for use in spreadsheets or other computer analysis programs. Weather data files used by BinMaker(TM) PRO version 4.0 are based on the TMY2 (Typical Meteorological Year) and TMY3 data produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The files reflect typical weather for all 8760 hours per year at 239 U.S. locations from TMY2 data sets and 1020 U.S. locations from TMY3 data sets. They contain actual weather observations rather than smoothed or adjusted data, ensuring a good presentation of weather behavior in the real world. All other international weather data files are available from Linric Company for an additional fee. Please contact Linric for pricing of the BMCFiles, Through a license agreement with ASHRAE, BinMaker(TM) PRO also includes data from the revised and expanded 1997 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The interactive ASHRAE design weather data viewer includes data on 1459 domestic and international locations in an electronic format that provides more information than is possible in any printed edition. Among its other features, BinMaker(TM) PRO helps users avoid the error of underestimating loads associated with coincident variables by creating a joint-frequency table of hours at each combination of temperature and humidity. BinMaker PRO adds new features and flexibility to its first version, BinMaker Plus, including: faster operation, accepting user custom weather files, calculating both cooling and heating ventilation loads, and improving joint frequency tables generation. This product was originally developed by InterEnergy Software.

BinMaker PRO 4.0 is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

BinMaker PRO 4.0 - New Features
  • Addition of the CTMY2 datasets on 44 Canada locations.
  • Exporting Bin data results to Excel by simple Copy/Paste.
  • License Online Activation and Deactivation. This allows a quick way to manage your licenses.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvement.

BinMaker PRO 4.0 - List of Major Features
  • Choose from 239 U.S. locations from TMY2 datasets.
    The extensive TMY2 database allows you to understand typical weather behavior for all 50 United States, as well as Guam and Puerto Rico.
  • Choose from 1020 U.S. locations from TMY3 datasets.
    The extensive TMY3 database allows you to understand typical weather behavior for all 50 United States, as well as Guam and Puerto Rico.
  • Select specific operating hours.
    Instead of summarizing all 8760 hours of the year, you can define a specific operating schedule, with different hours for each day of the week, or excluding certain months , days or hours.
  • Create BIN summaries by dry bulb temperature or... by wet bulb, humidity ratio or wind speed.
    Dry bulb summaries remain useful in some situations, but BinMaker® PRO also creates accurate summaries by humidity ratio, wind speed or wet bulb as well. Mean coincident values (including enthalpy) can also be calculated on demand.
  • Calculate annual cooling and heating  loads for ventilation air (VLI’s)
    BinMaker® PRO automatically calculates the ventilation moisture and temperature loads for the hours and inside control conditions you have selected. Loads are expressed in Btu’s per scfm per month, as well as the annual total.
  • Create joint frequency tables (hours occurring at each combination of temperature and moisture).
    Joint frequency summaries do not average either temperature or moisture so they avoid the underestimation of loads inherent in BIN summaries.
  • Extract any combination of specific observations from TMY2 records.
    If you needed only the temperature, diffuse solar radiation and rainfall for Thursdays in March in San Antonio, BinMaker® PRO allows you to isolate and extract those values for use in other programs.
  • Look up peak design values for sizing HVAC equipment.
    In 1997, ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) expanded, corrected and recalculated HVAC equipment design values for 1459 worldwide locations for the widely respected Handbook of Fundamentals. BinMaker® PRO takes that entire data set, and displays it electronically through a unique interactive data viewer.
  • Work in either I-P or SI units.
    BinMaker® PRO gives you the choice of working in the units you find most useful either the Inch-Pound system or the SI system of international units (metric).

For software support check out our support page. If you can't resolve your issue please contact us.
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